8th Convention of SAFAAS

The major activity in the history of AOTS & ABK Dosokai Lahore Regional Center was to organize the “8th SAFAAS Convention” held in November 2007 in Lahore, Pakistan. Delegates from Sri Lanka, Nepal, India. Iran, Bangladesh participated in this convention and deepened their friendship and share experiences with each Alumni Society members. A very special delegation from AOTS Head Office Tokyo also participated. besides many VIPs like Ambassador of Japan in Pakistan, Minister of Commerce, President, Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LCCI), Honourary Council General of Japan and representatives from many Japanese companies operating in Pakistan also attended this convention. A hectic exercise was done by all the Directors and Office Bearers of AOTS Lahore Regional Center to make this event a success. The participants encouraged and admired the activities of also most 70 Alumni Societies in 43 countries around the world particularly in SAFAAS Region.

The delegated expressed their deep appreciation and gratitude to the Chairman and members of all Alumni Societies of Pakistan for the excellent arrangement and hospitality provided to all representatives, delegates and observers and AOTS officials who had attended

Courtesy of AOTS & ABK Dosokai Lahore Regional Center – Newsletter (IQRA) Vol 12 ~ October 2009


SAFAAS was established in the year 1990 on a proposal made by JASTECA during the AOTS World Convention held in Thailand. The objective was to establish regional federation in the developing world such as Latin America, Africa, Europe and China.

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