Country : INDIA

Date of Establishment : 15TH FEB 1984

Brief Description of Association :
1) WNF Training Activity for Foreign Trainees

For the last more than 7 years, we have been successfully coordinating and organizing Technical Training programs for Trainees from Foreign Countries like Ghana, Sudan, Egypt, Kenya, Bangladesh, Nepal and the like. An example in point is our popular and famous Training Program in Low Tension Switchgear –Theory plus practice in selection, upkeep & maintenance of the same. I gratefully note here that originally this program was with L&T. L&T has its head quarters in Mumbai. We came into the picture because L&T Training center for this subject is in Pune and so we assisted this AAAWI, Mumbai people’s program by giving local support of all sorts in Pune. Later, at one point of time, at the time of the AOTS international convention in Mumbai in 2006, Mumbai people requested us to take over the full works & responsibility of this L&T Training program and we so took over. Year after year, each & every student (WNF subsidized as well as the self paying type) reports in the feedback Form their appreciation of the high quality of Training and the great amount of its usefulness. We have been instrumental in affording this Training program to more than 120 trainees so far, with more proven usefulness and wanting to take the same, such is the popularity of this program.

2) Next would be the Japanese Language Class: For the last more than 4 years, we have been conducting these classes. The quality of students here is reasonable and the quality and passing percentage is quite good 75%

3) Seminars / Workshops in Technical as well as management fields.

AASCI organizes Training Programs in these fields. One example of Technical Training Program is mentioned earlier, namely L&T Switchgear Training Program. Other examples of Management Training Programs are Programs in 5S, Safety, Theory of Constraints, etc. We have a pool of experts who come in as Faculty for such seminars and workshops. Such Training Programs are carried out in SME’s as well as Educational Institutions. Examples are my own factory, quite a few factories in and around Pune, a few of our members’ enterprises, Symbiosis (Educational Institution) etc.

4) Receiving and Deputing Delegations We organize receiving as well as deputing Delegations. For example, we received 32 members Delegations from Japan for 2 days visits to Pune. We organized their visits to industrial outfits in and around Pune like Tata Motors, UGC Gaskets, Alfa Ind, Cummins Technologies, etc. They took stock of the status of current Technology in use here. Another Delegation this year visited only SMEs with Japanese collaborations. A case in point of Delegations sent from here is the one sent to Bio Japan Exhibition. The success story of this program was that as a result of this particular visit the company by name ASTUTE Engg. of one Delegate was actually successful in opening and establishing an office in Yokohama, Japan. It was since secured and increased its business with Japanese companies in Japan as well as in India.

5) Recommending Candidates for AOTS Training Programs being held in Japan.

We do this on a regular basis. Last year, we recommended some 7 candidates and all of the successfully underwent Training Programs in Japan. This year already some 4 candidates are recommended and selected. One has already returned from Japan after completing his training program successfully.

6) Ikenobo Chapter of Ikebana

We, at AASCI, assist in holding Ikebana shows in Pune. Training courses of Ikenobo school of Ikebana are a regular feature here. In this reference, professors from Ikenobo School visit Pune every third year. Faculty conducts special training courses during their visits. Flower arrangement shows are also organized during their stay here, to which a lot of people visit enthusiastically and draw pleasure out of it.

7) Receiving Japanese Hippo Club Members visiting Pune on a fairly regular basis and organizing “Home-stay” for them.

8). Responding positively to the extent possible to AOTS and HIDA’s various Programs.

A case in point is our active response to the recent Japanese Interns’ Program.

Name of Contact Person for Correspondence :
President : Mr. ShuklenduSoman
Vice President : Mrs. Shailaja R. Divekar

Contact Address :
C/O Tecnokraft, 8/6 karve Road Nal Stop, Pune, 411004, Maharashtra

Phone :
Tel / Fax : +91-20-25433684 (Mrs. Divekar)

Email :