Association Name : Alumni Society of AOTS Kerala (ASA Kerala)

Country : India

Date of Establishment : 1981

Brief Description of Association :
ASA Kerala (Alumni Society of AOTS Kerala) is a non-profit voluntary service organization, registered as a charitable society. Its members, numbering about 300, are engineers, executives and entrepreneurs

Over the last 42 years we have been:

1. Recommending candidates for AOTS Training Programmes
2. Organizing short term training programmes, seminars and workshops in Kerala with expert faculty from Japan and within the country on various Japanese Production and Management Systems like, 5S, TQM, TPM, Gemba Kaizen, LPS etc.
3. Teaching Japanese language
4. Organizing cultural programmes with visiting Japanese artists
5. Organizing visits to Kerala by our counterparts from other countries and by our members to the countries of the AOTS alumni community
6. Instituted awards for best projects by engineering college students in Kerala

New Project
With the cooperation of the Govt. of Kerala we are now establishing a state-of-art multi-facility complex named Nippon Kerala Centre (NKC) to “Enhance the value of Kerala as an investment destination by enhancing the knowledge and skills of Kerala’s manpower for business and industry, through training and education in world class production and management systems”. NKC is a multi-crore project funded by our own members.

Name of Contact Person for Correspondence :
President : Mr. Jacob Kovoor (Tel: +91 9895038247 /email -
General Secretary : R. S. Gopakumar (Tel: +91 9846010005 /

Contact Address :
Nippon Kerala Center, KINFRA Hi-Tech Park, HMT

Phone :

Email : /

Web site :

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Mr. E.V. John Vice President View
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