Name of Resource Person: Sampath Aluthpatabandige
Name of Recommending Association: JASTECA
Qualifications: MBA-Human Resources Management (PIM), B,B.Mgt(HR)Sp, Dip in Psy, IPMA-Certified HR Professional(USA), MIPMA-HR(USA), MAHRP
Areas of Expertise: Supervisory Skills Development, Team Building, Leadership Development, Motivation & Morel Boosting, Personality Development, Human Resources Management. Career Guidance & Counseling.(Currently working with JASTECA as Resources Person for Supervisory Skills Development & Leadership Development)
Experience: Count More than 16 Year of HR , HR Development and Training & Development experience in Sri Lanka and Overseas.
Address: 4 S International Academy, No 107/A, St Mary’s Road, Ja- e la Sri Lanka
Mobile Number: 0777696722, 0710696722