Overview of the AOTS Alumni Societies

The AOTS Alumni Societies are non-profit private organizations voluntarily founded in various parts of the world by the participants of AOTS Training programs with the shared experience of training in Japan. Currently 73 Alumni Societies in 44 countries have been established, and are dedicated to the economic and industrial development of their own countries and to the enhancement of friendly relations with Japan and other countries through human resources development.

Today, the international community is expecting more of Japanese technical cooperation, and AOTS as one of the largest private technical cooperation organizations in Japan, has to increase its organizational effectiveness by making the best use of its resources, as well as by developing and evaluating its programs consistently to meet the real needs of the developing countries.

The AOTS Alumni Societies are playing a valuable role in AOTS training programs as important local partners. AOTS cooperates with AOTS Alumni Society activities that meet the objectives of AOTS programs and contribute to heightening the recognition and development of AOTS activities. AOTS provides active support to the foundation of new AOTS Alumni Societies by AOTS and AOTS ex-participants. AOTS also encourages AOTS Alumni Societies in the same country to form National Federations to promote mutual cooperation.

1) Promotion of Friendship among the Members
  • Get-together parties
  • Factory tours
  • Recreational programs, etc.
2) Organization of the Society
  • Compiling Lists of Members
  • Issuing newsletters
  • Cooperating with AOTS Overseas Offices, JETRO and Japanese Government establishments abroad, etc.
3) Cultural and Social Activities
  • Japanese language classes, Japanese language tests
  • Pre-departure orientation for trainees
  • Cultural lectures
  • Voluntary social service activities, etc.
4) Human Resource Development and Promotion of Industry
  • Collaborative activities between AOTS and the AOTS Alumni Societies (Recruiting and recommending candidates for AOTS training in Japan, lectures and management seminars by returned trainees and specialists dispatched by AOTS, etc.)
5) International Cooperation
  • Arranging exchanges of trainees and experts with other Alumni Societies (WNF Program)
  • Participating in the Conventions of AOTS Alumni Societies and AOTS Alumni Societies’ Regional Federation Conferences, etc.
  • Information sharing
  • Invitation to AOTS and AOTS ex-participants to join their local AOTS Alumni Society
Courtesy of https://www.aots.jp/