The federation shall be called South Asia federation of HIDA-AOTS Alumni Societies (SAFAAS). A Federation of HIDA-AOTS Alumni Societies of Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Iran; it shall also apply to Bhutan, Afghanistan and the Maldives, in the event of HIDA Alumni Societies being established in those countries. The Federation shall have the authority to appoint other members also on the recommendation of HIDA Japan.

SAFAAS was established in 1990 on a proposal made by JASTECA during the ACTS World Convention held in Thailand. The objective was to establish regional federations in the developing world such as Latin America, Africa, Europe, and China. With the establishment of regional federations, the respective countries in each region has been coordinating with each other through their alumni societies for international cooperation. These are targeted towards the friendly coordination among the alumni societies of the region promoting the transfer of technology from one region to the other and linking up regularly with HIDA Japan for assistance in human resources development and coordination of cultural and educational activities of the respective regions.

To be the most forward looking and proactive regional federation of HIDA.

To develop cooperation and collaboration amongst member societies through:

  • Human Resources Development
  • Enhancement of friendship and liaison through economic business, social, cultural and other related activities.

  • To be strictly a non-political voluntary body.
  • To enroll unite and get-together with Alumni Societies of HIDA- AOTS/ primarily of South Asian Region and to promote fellowship, cordial relationship and mutual understanding among their respective countries to keep them informed of the recent technological and human resources meant by, Facilitating to organize seminars, conferences, technical Courses workshops, Japanese and other language classes, Exhibitions etc.,
  • Exchanging technology in Science and Industry through the exchange of Personnel, Books, Magazines and electronic media etc., with countries of member alumni societies.
  • Promoting goodwill, mutual understanding and friendly relations among the people of member countries through the reciprocation of their cultural and social systems, irrespective of race, religion, nationality or ideological standing.
  • Facilitating the economic development of member countries by promoting various activities and upholding the objectives of its parent body HIDA, Japan.
  • Establishing close relationship between Alumni Societies of members countries, HIDA Japan and HIDA-AOTS Alumni Societies of other regions to achieve above Objectives.
  • To promote the WNT activities among all alumni societies.

SAFAAS Secretariat shall be managed by JASTECA in Sri Lanka

The membership of the Federation shall comprise of all the HIDA Alumni Societies of the South Asia Region recognize by HIDA Japan. Each Alumni Society will be represented by one (1) members duly nominated by the Executive Committee of the respective Society.

  • Members shall abide by this Constitution and make all endeavours to contribute to the development of the Federation.
  • Members shall be entitled to participate in every activity of the Federation.
  • Only Federation members shall have the right to vote and to hold office and shall be limited to one vote per members society.

Subscription will be US$ 200 per member society and shall be reviewed by the Executive Board of Management from time to time. Subscription is payable before the end of financial years. This s is by 31st March.

Patron- The Federation shall have the President of HIDA Japan as its Patron. The Executive Board of Management shall comprise of a President, Secretary General, Joint Secretary, Treasurer, Joint Treasurer and one member from each society not holding office. Office Bearers elected shall hold office from one convention to the next convention. The Executive Board of Management shall be elected during the Convention.

The tenure of the Executive Board of management shall be from one Convention to next the Convention. The Joint Secretary and Joint Treasurer shall be elected form the host member society hosting the next Convention. The immediate Past President and General Secretary shall be Ex-officio members of the board.

To carry out the decisions taken by the General body and to support the Secretariat in supervising and executing the affairs of the Federation.

  • President
    President shall preside over all meetings of the Federation and give proper guidance to the executive board of Management.
  • Senior Vice President
    Senior vice President shall execute all the duties
  • Vice President
    Senior Vice president shall execute all the duties and responsibilities in the absence of the president. He shall also carry out functions assigned to him the President
  • Secretary General
    The Secretary General shall convene all meetings as directed by Executive Board of Management whenever necessary, who shall ensure maintenance of all the records of the minutes of the meetings. Valuable documents, letters etc.. He will keep members informed of the activities of the Federations regularly.
  • Join Secretary
    The primary responsibility of the Joint Secretary is to assist and support Secretary General and perform all activities of the Secretary General in her/his absence.
  • Treasurer
    The Treasurer shall maintain Books of Accounts of Federation. The Treasurer shall submit Statement of Accounts as required by the Executive Board of Management. He/she shall also be responsible in submitting audited statement of accounts as per GAAP (General Accepted Accounting Practice) Procedure at the AGM
  • Join Treasurer
    The primary responsibility of the Join Treasurer is to assist and support Treasurer and perform all activities of the Treasurer in her/his absence.

Vacancies arising in the course of the terms of the Office of Board shall be filled by the Executive Board of Management from its members for the remaining period office only

The books of Accounts of the Federation shall be audited once a year by the auditors appointed at the AGM of the federation.

The federation shall have its Annual General Meeting once year in the host country. In the event of any contingency arising which prevents the holding of the Annual General Meeting in the host country, the Executive Board of Management shall by a majority decision, shift the venue to the convenient location in any member country within the region. The quorum of such a meeting shall be five members representing 5 Alumni societies from minimum of 3 countries.

The Executive Board of Management shall have the right to convene a Special General meeting of the Federation as and when it deems necessary by majority decision. Notice shall be given in writing at least 14 days in advance of such meeting. The quorum for such a meeting shall be five members representing 5 alumni societies form minimum of 3 countries.

The amendments to the Constitution may be made at the general body meeting by a 2/3 majority representing minimum 50% of the total countries those who are entitled to vote at such a meeting. Prior notice must be given in writing for such amendments at least 14 days before such a meeting is held. “Except at a SAFAAS Convention where this condition would not be applicable”.

In the event of questions on matters arising, which is not specifically provided for the foregoing rules, the decision of the Executive Board of Management shall be final, provided such decisions shall not be repugnant to the rules of the Federation.

Meeting / conferences / discussions can also be carried out through Video Conference (VC) Email, SMS or the latest technology of communication.

In case of a dispute such matters will be referred to HIDA for arbitration and any decision made by HIDA Shall be final.